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In its latest Tuesday edition, the Egyptian weekly newspaper Al-Naba' presented in Arabic language on its front page the report of the American-based The Christian Times newspaper. [`Awātef al-Nassīf, Al-Naba', Nov. 8, 2016] read article in Arabic
The author considers Pope Shenouda’s refusal to apply the Supreme Administrative Court ruling that allows officially divorced Christians to marry again a violation of the Constitution and calls on the pope to apologize. Moreover, he highlights a Christian school’s refusal to allow veiled students...
The article is a response to questions received by AWR in 2003 from different Western churches, Christian organizations, Christian leaders and Human Rights Watch, based on material from Western sources and interviews with a few western missionaries then living in Egypt.
The article discusses the process of increasing the space allocated for religious items in the media during the Muslim holy month of Ramaḍān, and the decrease in articles that discuss topics related to non-Muslims.
Who won the battle, those who sought to modernize Islam, or the militants? The author discusses integrating Islam into society in the West, and questions which cultural community will be forced to sacrifice values for the sake of integration.
The author wonders about the increasing coverage of Coptic affairs in Egyptian press, and points to a number of specific periodicals that have increased their focus on such issues.
The judges of the State Council supported the ruling that the Administrative Judiciary Court handed down in the case of al-Nabaa. It also rejected the appeal Mamdouh Mahran, the Editor-in-chief of the paper, lodged against the head of the Supreme Press Council.
The article reports on the lawsuit of Shaykh ‘Abd al-Sabour al- Kāshif who is accused of despising Islamic faith and cherishing heretical ideologies.


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