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The article deals with the killing of a terrorist who masterminded the Dahab chain of bombings that claimed the lives of scores of Egyptians and foreigners and wounded others and the arrest of his aide.
This press review deals with the history of the al- Tawhīd Wa al-Jihād organization, which is blamed for the deadly bomb attacks on the tourist resort of Dahab in Sinai that killed a number of Egyptians and foreigners and wounded many others.
Egyptian police have managed to identify the bombers who carried out the April 24 blasts of the tourist resort of Dahab, as three North Sinai Bedouin, Mu’min Fārouq Muhammad ‘Alī, Karīm Ashraf ‘Abdallāh and Mājid ‘Alī Mahmoud. Two days after the triple blasts, two suicide bombers attacked...
Muhammad Mukhtār, muftī of the banned al-Jamā‘a al-Islāmīya and political refugee in England, says that he has nothing to do with fatwas concerning infidelity found on traditionalist websites, asserting that they are old and were published out of their historical context.
If Prophet Muhammad, or any of his Companions were raised from the dead, he would announce his rejection and condemnation of the hideous crime of the Iraqi Muslims who slaughtered a U.S. civilian. Early Muslims have never applied this brutal manner in the war they launched against their enemies.


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