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Muhammad ‘Abd al-Rahmān reports on the increasing number of Islamic satellite channels, believing they seek money and fame rather than the genuine da‘wah of Islam.
A report in the March edition of the Arabic-speaking magazine Forbes Arabia presented a list of the richest five Muslim preachers in the Arab world. The report surveyed the income of the preachers during 2007.
On al-Risālah Islamic channel, Shaykh Muḥammad al-Būtī has preached that Westerners are considered as Murtadds because they refused the message of Islam, despite the fact that they have heard about it.
Mahmūd Samāhah writes about the recent attacks on ‘Amr Khālid and his style of preaching.
The author criticizes Egyptian Muftī Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘ah for his frequent appearances on local TV and satellite channels. Rather than being a religious figure, the writer proclaims himself to be a TV announcer.
Western media discusses the return of veiled actresses as presenters for religious television channels. This phenomenon is considered a "new trend", which aims to harmonize between what was harām [forbidden] before and what is halāl [allowed] today.
Former actresses and singers wearing the hijāb clarify their stance concerning presenting religious shows on satellite channels.
Due to the importance of the media to the Muslim Brotherhood, the group tends to occupy pre-existing well-known newspapers and magazines to promote its activities, writes Hamdī Rizq.
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