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Meinardus, the eminent scholar on Coptic church studies concludes that Mrs. S. Hasan, grand niece of the Egyptian statesman and Prime Minister Rushdi Pasha (1864- 1928), produced an extraordinary and remarkable book in seven chapters on the modern history, sociology, ecclesiology and political...
The committee supervising the presidential election - the first of its kind since the regime took over in Egypt on July 23, 1952 – has announced that they will start receiving applications for nominations for the presidential post on July 24.
As elections for the Shūrá Council approach, the article discusses the Muslim Brotherhood’s continued intentions to run in the election, despite the fact that they run under a religious slogan “Islam is the Solution.”
The press review sheds light on a meeting recently held between House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Sa‘d al-Katātnī, at the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Francis Riccardone’s residence. It also highlights an alleged deal between the Brotherhood and...
The writer presents famous examples of successful Egyptian women in parliament who influenced their society.
The writer presents famous examples of successful Egyptian women who changed society.
Despite the public uproar, the constitutional amendments were approved in a vote in Parliament. While the government and its advocators assert the importance of the amendments in enhancing democracy and supporting people, the opposition considers them an enhancement of the powers of the ruling and...
Leaders of al-Wafd, al-Tajamu‘,and al-Nāsirī parties have refused to ally with the Muslim Brotherhood after the latter announced its willingness to ally with other political parties in the upcoming period.
Jamāl al-Bannā has advised the Muslim Brotherhood to withdraw from political work and questioned whether President Mubārak could do what al-Nahās did with al-Bannā.
Belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood does not mean honesty and scientific excellence for they are not God’s chosen people. The statistics which showed that Egyptians do not work more than 27 minutes a day did not exclude members of the Muslim Brotherhood.


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