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Even though Egypt contains more than one hundred cinemas, and more than 250 satellite channels, there is not a single channel broadcasting Coptic films that address martyrs’ stories, or Christian religious figures. During Christmas, viewers don’t find a single satellite channels bold enough...
The article discusses the entry of Coptic businessmen as a basic party in supporting the bishopswho are eager to succeed Pope Shenouda. It highlights the different point of views about the reasons and the expected outcomes.
Hānī Labīb refutes the arguments of those who attacked a group of laymen calling for reform in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Two Coptic Laymen criticize Bishop Bīshūy and accuse him of exploiting Pope Shenouda’s absence to try and assume control of the Holy See. They called for an urgent session of the Holy Synod and Coptic men of law and religion to edit the legislation of electing the pope. They further denounced a...
The newspaper, ‘Ālam al-Mashāhīr, is attempting to establish itself as an alternative to Waṭanī newspaper,especially after the outbreak of disagreements between Wạtanī’s editors and Pope Shenouda.
Bishop Bisantī confessed that the church took a census of the number of Copts in Egypt, which revealed that their numbers exceed 15 million.
The crisis between Waṭanī and the Coptic Orthodox Church following the laymen’s conference seems to have become chronic. Pope Shenouda has not sent his weekly article to the newspaper for two weeks. While some attributed the issue to a new phase of the pope’s anger, sources assured that the pope...
‘Ālam al -Mashāhīr, a new Coptic weekly, for which Pope Shenouda will be writing and recommended by Bishop Bīsh?y is said to be a new rival for Watanī.
Different Christian newspapers try to garner Coptic readers. Most of the papers are not of a good quality and most adopt exaggerated expressions to attract as many readers as possible.
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