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Archeologist Dr. ʿAbd al-Raḥīm Rayḥān, general director of research and archeological studies and scientific publications in south of Sinai, confirmed that the library in Saint Catherine’s Monastery is considered the second most important collection of manuscripts following the Vatican. In a...
Dr. Ṭāriq Manṣūr writes about his personal reflections on the meaning of religious tolerance as seen from Islam and Christianity in Egypt.  He focuses on examples from the Prophet’s life and the Quran [al-Qurān] that support religious tolerance from an Islamic perspective. 
The author thinks all Muslims are accused of terrorism unless they accept kneeling before the Western hegemony.
A girl is attacked on 45th street when trying to walk home. The author questions how much it really benefits Egyptian society when these issues are ‘glossed over.’
Subtitle: 1- The leader of the organization says, "When Dr. Yehia Ismael said that Hanafy was an apostate, we decided to kill him" 2- The one who was supposed to carry out the operation says, "The plan was to kill him with penknives. I have trained on how to do this in Nozha" 3- An official state...
The article is part 9 of a series of articles presenting the memoir of Talāl al - Ansārī, an Islamist, who writes about the time he spent in prison.
The author warns of troublemakers stirring up sectarian sedition at al-Minia University after a student is refused her master’s degree in pediatrics because she is Christian.
In an interview with Al-Qahira newspaper, Dr. ‘Abd al-Wahhāb al-Musayyarī, an eminent Muslim scholar, reveals his thoughts on separating religion from government.
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