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Demonstrations for the Kamilia Shehata incident were held outside the Al-Kaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria by two groups. One group was led by Dr. Mohamed Mohey El-Din who is rumored to be running for presidency in the upcoming elections. Those praying at the mosque confronted some demonstrators...
Political experts expect South Sudan to vote to secede from the Muslim north in 2011. Outcomes of the potential succession are debated though key concerns include the allotment of Nile water and the creation of an Islamic state in North Sudan. Sudanese president Bashir is working to maintain unity...
The article discusses books which criticize both Islam and Christianity within the context of sectarian sedition in Egypt.
Three clergymen are according to the author the front runners to the papacy. The laymen also have their word.
The author refutes an M.A. thesis endorsed by the Azhar University that accuses AUC of preaching Christianity and promoting immorality in society.
The article examines the human rights course at Alexandria University which teaches students that Bahā’ī marriage is not legally valid and that Egyptian Christians are second class citizens.
Two university law professors have proposed a law to establish the procedures for converting from one religion to another.
The Swedish Institute in Alexandria will organize an international symposium to discuss the challenges facing East-West relations.
The article presents the views of some intellectuals and Islamic scholars on the issue of Christians who converted to Islam and then decided to return to Christianity for personal and worldly factors.
The establisher of the Cultural Charity Foundation and the Chief of the Center of Studying the Intentions of the Islamic Sharī‘ah, as well as the former Saudi Petroleum Minister Ah...


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