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In the Student Union elections of this year in the Egyptian Universities the extremists lost. The moderate current won the elections in all the faculties with the exception of the faculty of Medicine, where the religious current won 25% of the positions. Extremists no longer control the Faculty of...
Subtitles: *Al-Zawahri is suffering with the desire of owning members of other Islamic groups which led him into folly. *Al-Gama’a is suffering from too much consultation which causes confusion and leads to arguments between the leadership. *Al Jihad categorized all as atheists, but the Gama’a...
Gihan Mohammed Abd El-Lateef Al-Halafawi is the first woman to be chosen by the Muslim Brotherhood to represent them in the coming elections for the People’s Assembly. This article features and interview with her.
Many Islamic scholars question the value of artistic films. Many of them reject the representation of a sheikhh or ma’azun [marriage official] on the screen. Others, however, want to use the film as a means to spread Islam.
A dialogue between Dr. Maurice Asad, who has known Dr. William Sulaymān Qilāda for probably more then 50 years, and Drs. Kees Hulsman, who also knew Dr. Qilāda personally.
During his meeting with the students of Alexandria University, the Great Imam, Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, the sheikh of Al-Azhar, confirmed that Egypt has never known the religious persecution because it is the country of all religions since the first daybreak.
The police makes an effort to prevent Muslim Brothers to recruit new members at university campuses.


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