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Conversion in Egypt is a complicated and thorny issue.
Some Egyptian Christian emigrants have always been parroting during the former regime's time that they could not come to Egypt to convene meetings and forums for dialogue over the Christian citizens' cares and problems as well as discrimination and challenges facing equality in Egypt.
The America Coptic Union has called on Coptic people to stage a sit-in at the Coptic Cathedral al-‘Abbāsiyyah / Cairo until the bishops and priests who were arbitrarily suspended, are restored, and Pope Shenouda goes.
In a statement, the American Coptic Union [ACU] has praised the trend of establishing another Orthodox denomination in Egypt, considering it a step toward freedom.
The American Coptic Union issues a statement expressing its regret with the continuing phenomenon of the disappearance of Christian girls, and claims that half a million girls were kidnapped in Egypt.
A new Coptic conference is expected to be held next October in the U.S. The conference will discuss the issue of citizenship. The conference is arousing the discontentment of Copts in Egypt, who reject any foreign interference.
The author denounces the Coptic American Union and the general American interference in Egypt.
The American Coptic Union calls for sanctions against Egypt. The Coptic Orthodox Church refutes all the union’s “slanders,” stressing the wisdom of Pope Shenouda and the strong national belonging of the church.
A number of intellectual Copts have denounced the American Coptic Union’s calls for the U.S. to impose economic sanctions on Egypt.
The American Coptic Union, whose active members do not exceed ten in number, do not succeed in attracting others because Copts who get to know the organization later discover that it is an illusive entity.


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