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On Monday April 28th, the Minya Criminal Court sentenced 683 people to death in a controversial ruling, , including Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Muhammad Badī’, and former speaker of the Peoples Assembly, Saad al-Katātnī, for charges including inciting violence, murdering a police officer, and...
In the run up to a vote on Egypt’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council, the author questions the position of the Egyptian rights organizations opposing Egypt’s candidacy.
The new policies of European and U.S. donors who fund health and economic development has led to stagnation in the number of human rights activities and prompted some organizations to temporarily stop providing services.
Comment of a group of Egyptian NGOs on the establishment of the National Council for Human Rights. They write about a system of legislation that severely limits rights to the freedom of forming parties, publications and civil society.
Egypt was angry about the stormy reactions that broke following the sentence given to Saad Eddin Ibrahim. The ruling renewed tension between Egypt and the U.S., which considers Ibrahim an American human rights activist. It condemned the ruling and started a new verbal war against the Cairo...
The recommendations of a seminar on amending the Egyptian constitution called for amending article 2 of the Egyptian Constitution, after failing to achieve an agreement to omit it.
The author examines the results of the parliamentary elections, the success of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the possible ways forward for the ruling National Democratic Party.
The article presents the views of some members of the National Council for Human Rights regarding the responsibilities of the newly-established council and the change it will bring to Egyptian political life.
Egyptian human rights organizations express their deep concern about the accelerating campaign aiming at sullying the reputation of the human rights movement and questioning its credibility and the patriotism of those running the organizations.
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