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Comment on how easy rumors and unverified stories are spread in Egyptian media. A group of American visitid AWR and wanted to know more about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt.
The ongoing process of obtaining NGO status.
Muhammad Emara writes with strong language, without bringing in nuances. Western readers need to be careful with Christian persecution stories from Egypt. Need to be precise in reporting as necessity for intercultural understanding
Egyptian scholar Nabil ‘Abdel Fatah reports on a negative role media can play in intercultural polarization. Amir Taheri reports about the incompatibility between Islam and democracy.
Several articles in this issue are related to questions about Arab-West dialogue and relations. Report on democratic beliefs of Islamist groups and the place of religion in Western and Muslim societies.
The interpretations of Al-Hayat and Al-Ahrām [art. 37 and 38 in this issue of AWR] are both off the mark – al-Hayat quoting the interview in the harshest possible light, al-Ahrām in a naively positive manner. Neither is quoting her quite correctly.
The Christian-Muslim Dialogue Group from Austria visited Egypt with the desire to discover a new context for Muslim-Christian relations that might inspire their own practice of Christian-Muslim dialogue in Europe. The group experienced dialogue at very different levels, from religious leaders and...
An example of how the murder of the Armanious family had been received in the US Coptic community. With a comment of the AWR editor.
Bishop Mousa’s response to Coptic demonstrations being an overreaction and the major influence of rumors. Anti-Christian and anti-Muslim publications in Egypt are increasing.
Reference to articles in this issue that help to understand Egyptian culture and developments in society.


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