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Problems around obtaining NGO status. AWR prepares for a new Missio conference and a program for a visit by a delegation of the Hong Kong Council of Churches.
AWR offers unique volunteer opportunities which will give you an excellent insight in the wide variety in opinions on Muslim-Christian and Arab-West relations in the Arab World.
Introducing and explaining the AWR logo. Report on the visit of the Hong Kong Council to Egypt, including their participation in the Palm Sunday celebrations in Sarakna.
Christl Dabu visited Egypt in August 2004 for an investigative report about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt, resulting in this article and several travel and news articles. This article was placed in AWR with permission of the author.
I just wanted to relate to you how useful AWR is proving to be. The reports have provided me with extremely useful information to use in my thesis. The recent additions of the internet links are a great bonus. I also like the new motif. It seems that things are going well so I wish you and...
Double standards; Dr. Muhammad Emara, who often criticizes Western writers for highlighting extremism in Islam because this does not represent true Islam, is highlighting extremism of the Jewish Kach movement.
There’s no question that the Bible is at the very center of conservative Christianity in America and the Qur’an is at the very center of conservative Islam in much of the Islamic world. A comparison. This is an opinion article. Readers are invited to respond! Revd. Dr. Jeff Adams, Independent...
Visiting the convent of Dimyana at the end of the pilgrimage festiva. Al-Usbū‘’s biased article about the Foreign Press Association is based on one source only. Al-Usbū‘ made no effort to ask the FPA for a comment before placing this article.
Comment on the ongoing discussion about the car crash involving a priest and two Christian laymen. Problems and bureaucratic delays around obtaining NGO status.
The ongoing process of obtaining NGO status. Dr. Meinardus visits Cairo and recommends writing a book for the understanding of contemporary concepts of martyrdom and persecution in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Dutch businessman Frans Derksen of Fayoum Oases development consulted AWR for advice when...


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