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AWR lectures in Germany shows little knowledge about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt.
Missio invites AWR for a lecture tour in Germany and asked AWR to prepare a report on religious freedom.
Getting closer to the NGO status for the Center for Arab-West Understanding. AWR presented in German universities, schools, churches and various organizations.
Three interesting articles about Pope Shenouda. Journalistic articles should incorporate different opinions, experiences, and perspectives.
AWR lecture tour in Germany shows many misconceptions about Egypt.
Problems at AWR due to still being short in staff.
AWR is working on changes to build an electronic library.
Interviewing 18 Egyptians, including bishops, and one American, about major issues in religious freedom in Egypt and the importance of AWR work
Comment on the alleged kidnap of Wafa Costantin, the wife of a priest in the village of Abū al-Matamir.
AWR’s work to develop an electronic archive of everything pertaining to relations between Muslims and Christians in the Arab-World in general and Egypt in particular is impressive. The index developed thus far is based on the material AWR has collected thus far and is an excellent tool for...


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