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Edited by: Cornelis Hulsman, Editor-in-chief Arab-West Report, Clare Turner, academic language editor CIDTAn in depth report into 13 human rights organizations in Egypt, written with a view to creating a network with some of these organizations with a particular focus on issues of mutual interest...
This report provides an overview of different human rights organizations in Egypt and th
The Middle East Freedom Forum recently held a session to discuss violence against Copts in Egypt.
Prince al-Hasan Bin Ṭalāl, president of the Arab Thought Forum, stresses the need to build bridges of dialogue across the Mediterranean in order to address the mass immigration problems and the humanitarian tragedies.
The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies [CIHRS] has sent an appeal to the president of the republic and the speakers of both houses of Parliament called to amend Article Two of the Constitution that states that Islam is the religion of the state and Islamic sharīʿā is the main source of...
Comment of a group of Egyptian NGOs on the establishment of the National Council for Human Rights. They write about a system of legislation that severely limits rights to the freedom of forming parties, publications and civil society.
The article cites parts of John Esposito´s book “The Islamic Threat…a Reality Or a Fable.” The book gives a critique of President Mubarak´s regime and of how he countered Islamic groups.
Hanā’ Hammād presents the report of the fact-finding mission of the Association for Human Rights Legal Aid on the sectarian sedition that ripped through Darb al-Nasāra, Luxor on January 18, 2006.
There are calls for an investigation into the detention of some Sudanese children, including 14-year-old Kashan Adnan, Leila, 6, Adele, 5, Amal, 3, Ibrāhīm, 2, and many others, after the sit-in in downtown Cairo was broken up by Egyptian security forces.
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