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Walīd Fā’iq and ‘Amr Farūq report on different opinions regarding the strong belief in superstitions in Egypt.
‘Abīr ‘Atiyyah reports about the studies and papers presented in the annual conference for the Egyptian Organization for historical studies.
Father Christian Van Nispen is a Jesuit who has lived in Egypt since 1962. He is a specialist in Islamic studies and plays a leading role in interreligious dialogue in Egypt.
The Egyptian court’s decision to allow a woman to conduct Muslim marriages has sparked controversy in Egypt, particularly amongst men.
Security forces are responsible for causing some problems between Muslims and Copts whether by letting a small problem escalate or by refraining from taking strong steps to tackle it
A lecture delivered by Rabbi Reuven Firestone at ‘Ayn Shams University enraged the audience.
The writer presents famous examples of successful Egyptian women who changed society.
The article talks about the chaos of Fatwás being issued on TV by a number of unofficial Muftīs. It also mentions the statement of the Islamic Research Academy regarding these Fatwás which marks the end of the satellite Fatwás.
In an interview Dr. Mahmoud Ismā‘īl explains the reasons behind his strong convection that calls for establishing Islamic religious state are not part of the genuine Islamic teaching, rather they are politically-motivated.
Karīma Suwaydān picks up a rumor that has recently spread about H2N1 pollution in the water of the Nile, believing that schools and teachers shared in spreading and speeding the rumor. She, also, wonders about the real use of the crisis management committees in the Ministry of Education.


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