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The author criticizes Egyptian Muftī Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘ah for his frequent appearances on local TV and satellite channels. Rather than being a religious figure, the writer proclaims himself to be a TV announcer.
Truth has got one face. But every accident has hundreds of false faces. Egypt has become the target of malicious lie sellers who are praying every day in the temple of manipulation. One of them is the conspiracy of the truck against the Copts. Another attack comes through a highly selective way of...
The fact that some below average university students pass with flying colors while some of their distinguished fellows barely make the grade is a surprise which reoccurs every year when exam results are released.
Mr. Ayman Mahrus Morcos hoped he would be promoted at the Faculty of Commerce which did not materialize. Sidhom placed excerpts from his letter of complaint in his editorial and asks the minister of Higher Education for a solution.
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