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The increasing ‘Ch’ phenomenon spreading throughout universities is worrying a number of Coptic clergymen, who believe that inter-mingling is the solution to furthering Muslim-Christian relations.
Diana al-Dabc writes about what she calls the “ghettos of Christian students at Egyptian universities.” She points out the isolation of Coptic students and discussed possible reasons for this. Many students expressed their viewpoints.
The author reviews the opinions of university professors about the enactment of an international law criminalizing any assaults on the Muslim faith in particular or divine religions in general.
An outbreak of sectarian sedition was prompted, last week in Misr al-Jādīdā, after a Muslim boy assaulted a Coptic girl.
Since Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif took over as murshid [guide] of Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in 2004, the group has seemed more politicized than ever. The group has participated, directly or indirectly, in the political actions and dialogue, played its part in the reform process, and expressed...
In his interview with Drs. Cornelis Hulsman, Khaled Hamza, asked him about his opinion concerning the relationships between the Muslim and Coptic communities in Egypt as well as about his opinion on both Pope Shenouda and the Sheikh of Al-Azhar. In addition to this he was asked to comment on the...
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