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Pope Shenouda closes investigations into a nun’s accidental death after proving that the death was natural and not planned.
The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies [CIHRS] has sent an appeal to the president of the republic and the speakers of both houses of Parliament called to amend Article Two of the Constitution that states that Islam is the religion of the state and Islamic sharīʿā is the main source of...
Ishāq Ibrāhīm reports about Bishop Mūsá’s meeting with Christian college students discussing the “ch” phenomenon.
The writer gives a brief description of Bishop Musa, the Bishop of Youth, and his achievements. Bishop Musa rejects the use of the word ‘minority´ with regards to Copts. In his writings, he always calls for national unity, stressing that Copts and Muslims are one people living in one homeland.
Heated student elections were held last week in all the Egyptian universities. While some students played the role of activists, others took the role of spectators. Islamist students, who call themselves Gama’at el-Islamiya, and non-Islamists fought each other in the elections.
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