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Sāmīyah Sādiq reports on a complaint of students from the Women's College at Ain Shams University that they are not allowed to enter their college's swimming pool.
Muḥammad Nūr gauges the opinions of Muslim scholars on the decision of the Azhar to dismiss Dr. ‘Izzat ‘Aṭiyyah for releasing a Fatwá demanding that female workers breastfeed their male colleagues.
The authors delve into the role of the family, school and street in developing the fear of expressing oneself openly and promoting a unilateral culture.
The author criticizes the fatwá of Dr. ‘Ali Jum‘ah, which makes it permissible for mobile phone networks to fix antennas to the minarets of mosques.
The article is about a research made by Dr. Aishaa, Mahmoud Abdel Aal, Egyptian archeology professor at the Kulayet Al-Banat [faculty of young women] of Ain Shams University on the authenticity of footprints attributed to Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ found in Egyptian churches and mosques. The...
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