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Watani International interviewed the human rights activist ‘Alī al-Samman who founded the ’Committee of 15’ following the sectarian events that took place in Alexandria in 2005
Reports about religious tensions in Egypt sometimes hit the headlines abroad first. On November 26 Hulsman went with a German journalist to Ain Shams to investigate claims of violent demonstrations between Christian and Muslim youth, in this editorial he explains the causes behind the incident and...
The author discusses marriages between Muslims and Christians, drawing on the opinions of sociologists and psychologists as to why people are falling in love across religious lines and why this seems to be such a problem in Egyptian society.
Watani interviewed a Christian woman who received an MA in education from Ayn Shams university and is now a teaching fellow in the Arabic department at the university.
Shihātah Salāmah reports on the new Israeli web site to explain the meanings of Qur’ān.
The author calls for the establishment of centers for Coptic studies in Egyptian universities that study all aspect of the Coptic era.
The following text presents a number of the most popular Islamic Dā‘iyahs in the modern time.
The author criticizes the media in Egypt for only furthering adding to divisions between Muslims and Christians, and the need to spread a culture of tolerance.
The repeated sectarian incidents in Egypt have prompted families to ask their children to be cautious when dealing with their colleagues of a different religion.


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