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This article gives an overall view, based on different newspapers, of the case of the Ibn Khaldūn Center. Al-Ahrām wrote about the investigations of those who are involved with Dr. Saʿd al-Dīn Ibrāhīm. The press review ends with the comment of al-Ahālī and al-' 'Usbūʿ on the Americans' interference...
A great celebration took place on June 1st, in Saint Mary’s Coptic Church in Ma’adi, to commemorate the 2000th anniversary of the coming of the Holy Family to Egypt. The participation of Prime Minister Atef Ebeid and many other ministers, as well as Pope Shenouda III, The Sheikh of Azhar, Dr....
In the past some Copts have been complaining that the Egyptian press has not given (enough) attention to Christian religious feasts. This is why we have listed the articles related to Easter.
Ākhir Sā‘ah interviewed a number of psychiatrists and university professors, who gave their opinions on the reasons behind the recent spread of the Niqāb in Egyptian society.
The article reports on the competition over student union elections in Egyptian universities. The author presents an overview of the participation of nominees who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, whom she describes as aggressive and violent.
The authors write about the demonstrations held by Muslim Brotherhood students in relation to student union elections at ‘Aīn Shams, Hilwān, and Assiut universities.
Max Michel, the self-proclaimed Archbishop Maximus ?, whose behaviour and perverse ideas have sparked a major controversy amongst Orthodox Copts, is facing a lawsuit filed by fourteen Copt and Muslim lawyers on charges of having insulted Pope Shenouda ???.
Security forces confiscated a book containing offense against Islām on the orders of the Azhar and the author threatened to go to court.
The attack on Islam and Prophet Muhammad seem to be ongoing. The author believes that a global Islamic plan should be drawn up to confront these offences and to specify whether to confiscate such books or make them available to readers.
The article discusses extremist ideologies originating from wahābī oil countries, which consider women to be devils and propagate misunderstanding of certain hadīths in a way offensive to women.


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