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The review deals with the controversial statements made by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria during an interview with an Egyptian satellite channel in which he warned that Copts will revolt if the state intervenes in support of Max Michel.
The author reports on the celebrations in the Minia governorate of the anniversary of the passing of the virgin Mary and her son through Jabal al-Tayr area in Samāllūt during the holy journey.
The author discusses citizenship rights in Egypt exposing the opinions of various Egyptian prominent figures during a seminar held by the High Council for Culture.
The article summarizes the opinions of a number of experts concerning the way of fighting extremism and other destructive thoughts in society.
Legal experts say the Jews are not entitled to claim compensation for their property in Egypt on the legal grounds that claims must be made within 15 years of the original loss.
Some intellectuals have rejected the idea of a film about the life of Christ which they consider an insult to a holy figure.
Students and professors of faculties of media in different Egyptian universities give their opinion about the motives behind wearing the hijāb [headscarf].
The Head of the Department of Transport and Bridges Equipment in Cairo was arrested together with his wife for forming a group promoting ideas against Islam. He issued a fatwa to his followers that they were not obliged to pray in the direction of the Kiblah while performing prayers. He also denied...
Dr. Rif‘at al-Sa‘īd reviews a study by Dr. ‘Abd Allāh Shalabī, professor at ‘Ayn Shams University, Faculty of Education, Philosophy and Sociology department that tackled the issue of religiosity and the relationship between religion and state.
The article is about a research made by Dr. Aishaa, Mahmoud Abdel Aal, Egyptian archeology professor at the Kulayet Al-Banat [faculty of young women] of Ain Shams University on the authenticity of footprints attributed to Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ found in Egyptian churches and mosques. The...


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