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Su‘ād Sāliḥ believes that the Niqāb is a custom, not a necessity, asserting that she does not oppose it.
The victory of the Moslem Brotherhood in the recent parliamentary elections in which they obtained 17 seats created many speculations about what they would do in the future, especially after they announced their intention to form a new political party. al-Musawar discarded the possibility of...
The article deals with a visit by a US delegation to the Faculty of Sharī‘a and Law, the Azhar University, to discuss Muslim-West relations and get acquainted with the true image of Islam.
An Indonesian woman has read Qur’ānic verses in the opening of an international conference at the Azhar University, causing controversy.
Dr. Su’ad Saleh, professor at the women’s college for Islamic studies at the Azhar University said that she is the mufti of women and that Islam does not limit the work of the mufti to men only.
Islamic scientists have confirmed that controlling the sex of an embryo is a scientific fallacy because only God has the power to give a person a boy or girl or make them become sterile.
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