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In the aftermath of the Azhar militias’ incident, a pressing question was raised: What has education in the Azhar come to? This article attempts to answer this question.
This article says that religious dialogue has turned into a source of income and that most of the shaykhs who travel abroad are not qualified for this mission.
In an interview with al-Dustour, Professor of French Literature at the Faculty of Languages, the Azhar University, Dr. Kamāl Jād Allāh recounts his experience as an imām of a mosque in Paris.
Azhar scientists support Egypt’s muftī, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘a in the face of criticism from some intellectuals concerning his fatwa banning full-figure statues.
The author comments on the study of Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Ibrahīm Shihāta, a researcher in the faculty of languages and translation at the Azhar University, on the Christian missionary perspective of Islam from 1850 – 1950.
Muslims in the West have reached 40% of the total Muslim population forming 1.5 billion of world population. They have become politically, economically and socially influential in all societies they live in. In addition, they play a major role in correcting the image of Islam.
A Lebanese scholar issued a fatwa forbidding Muslims to deposit money in American banks and associations because the interest on this money benefits the Israeli existence. Dean of the Faculty of Education at the Azhar University said that this fatwa complied with the Islamic Shari´a. A member...
Bishop Kenneth Cragg gave a lecture at the Azhar University. He said it is necessary to work for peace among the followers of the revealed religions and that it is important for all people to live in security and stability. He added that Israel is behind the conflict in the Middle East because has...
The article discusses a study by an Egyptian researcher about the problems facing Muslim minorities and how poor translation of Muslim terminology has helped draw an untrue image of Islam.
Discussion on “Freedom of expression and respect for ‘the other’ How to respond if one is offended?” organized by CIDT and Al-Sawy Cultural Wheel. Request for NGO Status, decision again postponed. Dr. Maurice Assad, former assistant secretary-general of the MECC and friend of AWR, passed away....


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