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Iraqi Catholics, hoping for relief from sanctions, look forward to a proposed visit by Pope John Paul II. If there’s any hope among Iraqi Christians that things could take a turn for the better, it’s pinned on an upcoming visit by Pope John Paul II.
The government and the Muslim Brotherhood on Sunday failed to overcome differences caused by the closure of Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) offices in Amman earlier this month.
[Report presented to the New York Council of Churches] The history of seven girls mentioned in the advertisement is described. That description is followed by listing the reasons for conversion and recommendations for human rights workers, the church and the government. The text is open for...
The article describes the career of V. Windfuhr, correspondent of Der Spiegel in Egypt. He says Egypt is moving from a totalitarian regime to political pluralism.
Drs. Kees Hulsman, a correspondent for Dutch and American publications and the member of the board of the FPA, has been strongly attacked in a press release sent worldwide by Coptic Associations in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany and France.
The Association condemned the false accusations that have been promoted by some Coptic Associations abroad against Drs. Kees Hulsman, who is a correspondent for a number of Dutch and American newspapers in Cairo, and is member of the Association’s Board.
Interview with Drs. Kees Hulsman, the first correspondent to visit el-Koshh. The interview focused on the Sunday Telegraph, earlier sensational reporting on Egypt by a co-production of channel four and Dutch TV (Evangelical Broadcasting Company), what had happened in el-Koshh and the role of human...
Author: Mahmoud Salah The media frenzy has been sparked by an article written in the Sunday Telegraph by Ms. Christina Lamb. And although Cairo hosts more than 600 foreign correspondents, none of them wrote a word in this respect. Several foreign correspondents and others are mentioned including Mr...
Hulsman writes the press release contains false information and alleges an incorrect and absurd relationship to the Egyptian government and demands a rectification.
Volkhard Windfuhr, head of the Cairo Foreign Press Association and Bureau Chief of the German magazine Der Spiegel, has described the claims made by the British Sunday Telegraph as "nonsense".


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