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Imān al-Najjār reports about the recent fatwás issued by unqualified people.
A book entitled, ’Al-Hub wa-al-Jins fī-Hayāt al-Nabī’ [Love and Sex in the Prophet’s Life] has caused outrage after it was circulated at the Cairo International Book fair last month.
Islam is the target of Western and Zionists’ attacks. Muslims need to unite to defend their religion and any inter-religious dialogue is bound to avowing Islam as a heavenly religion.
The author reports on Muslims’ anger about the recent decision of the right wing Danish Folkeparti [People’s Party] about the use of a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad in their election campaign under claims that the party respects the rights to freedom of speech.
The article reports on criticisms of the proposed manifesto of the banned Muslim Brotherhood’s party that has been reported as ruling out non-Muslim citizens and women from taking over presidency or heading cabinet.
The red lines of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood group. The outlawed organization’s leader Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif, who manifested a sky-is-the-limit approach in the struggle against the government, called for civil disobedience after he discovered that the Brotherhood is entitled to take it to the streets...
The article represents the opinions of Muslim scholars about the Tunisian researcher’s book ‘Tarīkhyyat al-Da‘wah al-Muhammadīyah’ [The History of the Muhammadan Call].
A meeting was held in the Swiss Club between the Muslim Brotherhood and European diplomats under the supervision of Saad Eddin Ibrahim, head of the Ibn Khaldoun Center for Developmental Studies. Some papers report that this meeting is one of the reasons behind the latest campaign of the government...
In an interview with the daily al-Sharq al-Awsat, ‘Abd al-Sabūr Shāhīn stressed the importance of showing the real forgiving face of Islām by denouncing fundamentalism and artificial exterior piety. He also expressed that the simple veil was enough for the Muslim woman, clarifying that the Niqāb...
The review deals with the various reactions on al-Ghad weekly supplement entitled “the worst ten figures in Islamic history. Muslim scholars and intellectuals’ opinions are displayed, together with al-Ghad members and leaders’ opinions.


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