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Comment of a group of Egyptian NGOs on the establishment of the National Council for Human Rights. They write about a system of legislation that severely limits rights to the freedom of forming parties, publications and civil society.
The National Endowment for Democracy’s new orientation has caused uproar among Egyptian human rights organizations who believe in their right to choose their projects without interference from donors.
A conference has discussed Egyptian women’s rights in the current Personal Status Law. The attendants demanded the amendment of some articles of the aforementioned laws, guaranteeing the rights of women and children.
Al-Azhar pronounces ’urfi marriages - legal but often temporary unions - criminal.
It is certain that there will be fewer marriage proposals made by rapists to their victims, now that the People’s Assembly has approved the annulment of clause 291 of the Penal Code, which waives aside criminal charges against a rapist if he offers to marry his victim. The removal of the clause is...
The Court of Cassation recently ruled that a husband’s infertility does not constitute sufficient grounds for his wife to file for divorce. The court justified its ruling with the statement that the aim of marriage is not procreation, but the exercise of mu’adda [love, friendship] and rahma [mercy...
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