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The letter of recommendation for the Center of Arab-West Understandings work from Kerkinactie.
The founders of the Center for Arab-West Understanding are extremely glad with the February 18 ruling of the Egyptian Council of State that our center should be recognized as an NGO under Egyptian law. This ruling concludes a period of three years of struggle to obtain this status. CAWU is...
No clash between Islam and the West but between ignorant parties in both the West and Arab World. Various ways Christians see themselves in an Islamic environment.
Delay in AWR work due to being short in staff and technical problems.
On Friday, Danish television aired an amateur video showing young members of the anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party taking part in a competition to draw cartoons ridiculing the prophet, one year after the publication of the "offensive" cartoons by the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten. In an...
Drs. Cornelis Hulsman presented this text at the recent roundtable discussions of the European Institute of the Mediterranean, which were held on “Journalism and freedom of expression in the Mediterranean; responsibilities and limits.”
AWR’s Development Plan for 2007-2009. Articles about freedom of expression. Some issues of Western newspapers banned in Egypt following accusations they published articles against Islam.
Lectures stating that Christianity is coming to an end in most Middle Eastern countries which is strongly related to Western interference in the region.Media attention for AWR work.
AWR cooperates with interns, institutions and diplomatic missions.
According to Hulsman, the biggest mistake in various Western media is that they speak about the Islam. "This does not exist. You cannot say the Islam says that. There are always certain groups that say something. Of course there are basic principles that are similar for all Muslims, but there are...


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