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Two articles published about AWR in Dutch newspapers. The new request for NGO status.
The importance and ideas of CIDT. New Coptic Catholic Patriarch Bishop Antonius Najīb will continue recommending AWR work. Rev. Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, founder and director of the Barnabas Fund, on Islam which differs from AWR that advocates an understanding of Islam that is non-confrontational and...
The former prime minister of The Netherlands, Prof. Andreas Van Agt, is to launch Sunday the website of the Cairo -based Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation (CIDT) with former Egyptian ministers, Dr. Mamdouh al- Biltājī, Dr. Ahmad Juwīlī and Mr. Ahmad Māhir.
Articles following the visit of Prof. Andreas van Agt. Year report 2005 reports about progress and constraint.
On April 15, 2006, a discussion entitled "Freedom of expression and respect for ’the other’: How to respond if one is offended” was held at El-Sawy Culture Wheel, Zamālik, Cairo. Participants from seven Arab and European countries shared their views on how to avoid the so-called ’clash of...
Five–day visit of Prof. Dr. van Agt to Egypt in support of the development of CAWU. The real test of freedom of thought. The Holocaust denial of David Irving.
A letter of recommendation of CAWU from Dutch musician and entertainer, Herman van Veen.
Difficulties in obtaining NGO status and establishing CIDT. Media attention for AWR work. Interesting reports about Islam in the West, and in particular, the UK.
Articles that show internal divisions among Egyptian Christians. Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregorius Laham strongly supports CIDT and AWR.
Program of the visit of former Dutch prime minister Andreas van Agt to AWR.


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