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Women dressed in black, with hijāb over their heads and others with crosses in their necklaces have shown solidarity with the loss of Nadiah Shihātah Harūn.
The following lines shed light on the cancellation of a Jewish conference that was supposed to be held in Cairo. It also discusses the recent Jewish attempts to regain property in Egypt and the reactions of Egyptian sources to the claims.
A few days ago Muslim dā‘īyah, Dr. Safwat Hijāzī, issued a fatwá urging Muslims to declare war against Israeli civilians worldwide. The fatwá was severely condemned by the Azhar, the highest religious institution in the Muslim world, as incorrect and terrorist in nature.
The article investigates a visit to Egypt by a delegation of Israeli students from the University of Ben-Gurion under the declared objective of letting Israeli students get closer to Arab and Islamic culture.
Jewish Community of Cairo chief Carmen Weinstein dismissed in an interview any link between the Jewish community in Egypt and Israel, adding that Egypt is a safe country and its leader is wise and deals most sagaciously with the Middle East.
In spite of the passing of thousands of years since the Israelites left Egypt, a number of them still live there. They refuse to emigrate to Israel, in spite of the offers given to them by Israelis and Jewish organizations. It is funny, however, that this small number of Egyptian Jews still...
The Jewish state started to look for the decreasing number of Egyptian Jews, who have refused to immigrate to Israel. They preferred to stay in Egypt in order to maintain the synagogues. The case was reopened after the publishing last week of a feature in "Ma’aref" newspaper about the situation and...
"The artifacts and monuments used by Egypt’s Jews are part of our national heritage. They tell the story of the Jewish community in Egypt over the centuries." This is how Mohsen Abdel-Rahman Rabi’, director of the Department of Jewish Antiquities (DJA) at the Supreme Council of Antiquities,...
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