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A simmering feud between the "hawks" and "doves" of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan was the focus of the Shura Council’s three days of deliberations, due to end on Friday [July 23, 1999] night on whether or not to refer several of its hardline members to the Brotherhood’s internal court.
The results of last week’s municipal elections, in which Islamists won main municipalities, showed that the relationship between the government and opposition parties is on the mend. The results, which were released on Friday following a one-day extension of the vote due to low turnout, were...
Minister of Justice Hamzeh Haddad said a special legal committee at the ministry has decided to cancel article 340 of the Jordanian Penal Code which allows a reduction in penalty for killers who commit crimes of honour.
An ad hoc committee formed last week to review the banned Egyptian film "State Security."
The chairman of Radio and Television Union issued secret instructions banning broadcasting of Najwa Karam’s songs in Egyptian media. Over the last 3 weeks the Lebanese singer was accused of insulting heavenly religions when she named her song after one of the prophets. If the charges are proved,...
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