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The article highlights the controversial judgment of second marriage for Copts.  In his lecture in the Orthodox Coptic Cultural Center, Dr. Jawdat Jabrah, professor of Coptic studies in Claymont University, California, calls for the establishment of an independent Coptic department in the Egyptian...
A group of students and scholars from Claremont University in the U.S recently visited the Coptic sites of Egypt. In the article the dean of the religion department who took part in the trip describes her experiences.
The author presents an interview with Carolyn Ludwig, co-author of a new novel released by the American University in Cairo Press entitled, ‘The Churches of Egypt.’
The article discusses the ninth annual St. Shenouda Conference of Coptic Studies held at the University of California Los Angeles, and highlights the topics discussed and presented.
The article discusses a plan to further develop Coptic Studies at Claremont Graduate University, and points to a number of individuals, students and Coptic figures, who both support the program and see the potential for increasing Coptic awareness around the globe.
The author examines the intertwined history of the Coptic language and the introduction of Arabic in Egypt, underlining the influence that both have had on the history of Egypt.
The article discusses Yūsuf Sidhum’s recent speech at Claremont Graduate University in California, and highlights Sidhum’s expectations for the reform that is anticipated in Egypt, and the problems that are yet to overcome.
The article discusses the passing of Father Antonious Henein, highlighting his achievements in his personal life and the contributions he made to furthering the Coptic Orthodox Church, both in Egypt, and in North America.
This article describes the eighth conference of the St Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society, held at the University of California Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.). The author says that this year’s conference was particularly successful, particularly because of the participation of Coptic youth this year...
A so-called Coptic Book, a fourth century papyrus codex belonging to the papyrus collection of the Egyptian Museum of Berlin, has finally been published, complete with digital images of the papyrus leaves themselves.


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