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In the article, the author releases interviews with four Coptic figures who previously joined Islamic parties.
The author reports on speeches being delivered at an Egyptian-German meeting on the importance of the enforcement of citizenship under the civil state that was held after an invitation from the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services [CEOSS].
The sixth round of the Egyptian-German dialogue which the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services [CEOSS] organizes begins its proceedings today.
The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services [CEOSS] which began as a literacy project in 1950 in Minia receives foreign funding and has a publishing house that published a book containing distorted facts about the Arab world.
‘Amr Bayyūmī reports on the opinions of representatives of the three largest Christian denominations in Egypt about the suggestion of removing the item of religion from identity cards.
The author releases the file of the U.S. Aid that the U.S. Administration uses as a weapon to achieve its hostile purpose in the region.
Two meetings were recently organized to discuss religious fanaticism between Muslims and Christians in Egypt. Participants in the two meetings recommended equality and balance in the rights and duties of Muslims and Christians.
International Religious Freedom Report 2006, released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.
The article deals with the Fourth Forum of Arab Reform at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. This forum brought together a number of prominent Arab and international researchers who discussed a wide range of topics related to improving the social, economic and civil society welfare of the people in the...
Questioning the religious dimension of the war on Iraq is the focus of many articles covering the war. Different publications shed light on Bush’s religious background in an effort to establish a link between his religious tendencies and the war. Others wonder whether the war is a new crusade...


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