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The author investigates a number of Christian newspapers that have become mere advertising spaces on account of their supposed spiritual and instructive messages.
Councilor Labīb explains the three degrees of priesthood and argues that the Coptic Orthodox Church preserved the apostles instructions in its traditions throughout its history. He also calls on bishops to employ good sense and modesty and remember that they are the servants of people before God.
Rāmī Rushdī reports on damages that have been found in four buildings in Giza Square due to excavation work taking place in the neighboring St. Mark’s Orthodox church.
‘Amr Bayyūmī discusses the recent criticisms that have been directed at senior leaders of both the Coptic Orthodox and the Protestant churches.
The article reports on the Coptic Orthodox Church’s celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin Mary at al-Zaytūn church in 1968.
The Egyptian press continues to concentrate on the current controversy surrounding the second marriage of Coptic divorcees and the Supreme Administrative Court’s ruling in this regard that obliges Pope Shenouda III to give Coptic divorcees who have obtained a divorce by a court ruling permission to...
Drs. Hulsman introduces the number of articles in this issue that deal with the incidents surrounding the monastery of Abu Fana.
Drs. Hulsman discusses his trip to Mallawi, and his concerns regarding the effect that misinformation is having on grassroots Muslim-Christian relations.
Arab-West Report presented a text for Wikipedia on the background of Abu Fana.
Drs. Hulsman provides an overview of the history of the monastery of Abu Hinnis. The German researcher Dr. Otto Meinardus wrote in the sixties about seventh century murals in a cave church near Deir Abu Hinnis, a Christian village some 300 km south of Cairo. Most of these murals he then described...


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