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The author conducted an interview with Father Salīb Mattá Sawirus on the topic of his newly established human rights center.
The Coptic Orthodox Church denies all news about possible amendments to the panel of rules for choosing the pope.
Rumors have spread about the escalating tension between the Coptic public and the church leadership. While many voices complained about the “tyranny” of the church leadership, church sources denied the rumors and attributed the problems and protests to misunderstandings.
Samuel Mashriqī responds to Bishop Bīshūy’s criticism of Presbyterians.
The author specifies why the Coptic Orthodox Church rejects the 1938 panel regarding Christians’ Personal Status Law. He mentions that the Coptic Orthodox Church has proposed a project Personal Status Law that was approved by all Christian denominations in Egypt, on more than one occasion but has...
Comments from local villagers and tribesmen regarding a recent dispute involving a monastery in Minia, Upper Egypt.
Governor Ahmed Dia el-Din on the tensions in Minia, Upper Egypt, involving the Monastery of Abū Fānā
The following issue of AWR presents a number of articles on the recent disputes around the monastery of Abū Fānā, Upper Egypt, including AWR interviews with governor Ahmed Dia el-Din, father Dumadios from the Monastery of Abu Fana, the head of the Arab Bani Khaled tribe, two prominent shaykhs, four...
The Egyptian Shūrá Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed their discontentment with British officers’ way of dealing with Pope Shenouda III at Heathrow Airport and announced that Egypt will treat British diplomats in its airports in the same way. Dr. Abū al-Ghayt, Egypt’s minister of...
In the article, the author comments on three issues that share the same topic of the relationship between religious scriptures and the law.


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