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Judge SāmiḥʿAbd al-Ḥakam, the president of the Court of Appeal, said that the draft penal code pertaining to the minor offenses known as the law of (Cancelling Debtors' Imprisonment) was submitted to the House of Representatives and submitted to the Legislation Affairs Committee.
The Supreme Judicial Council decided on Thursday to approve a request put forward by former Prosecutor General Dr ‘Abd Al-Majīd Mahmūd to return as head of one chamber of the Cairo Appeal Court. 
Urgent Affairs Appeals Court has ruled to cancel a former ruling preventing former NDP members to run in the parliamentary elections.
Cairo Appeals Court headed by Counselor Nabīl Salīb has set the session of June 12 to start the trail of 12 defendants accused of forming a terrorist cell and targeting Coptic citizens and policemen 
The case of Dr. Nasr Hāmed Abu Zaid will remain a salient example of contempt of religion in the 90s of last century. Professor Nasr Hāmed Abu Zaid, one of the leading liberal theologians in Islam, while not denying that the Qūr'ān was of divine origin, he argued that it was a "cultural product"...
The Egyptian Court of Appeal on Tuesday accepted the appellations submitted by former President Muhammad Mursi, the Deputy Supreme Guide Khairat Al-Shāter, and 22 others, by suspending life and death sentences issued against them for "collaborating with Hamas." The Court ordered a re-trial before a...
The rights pertaining to houses of worship are one of the core areas of conflict between Muslims and Christians in Egypt and are a source of grievance for many Christians. Sidhum explains the cases of two such cases involving Christians’ legal rights in detail in this article, one from 1923 and the...
A controversial amendment to personal status regulation highlights the question as to whether Coptic marriages and divorces are under the jurisdiction of the church or the state.
The amendments to the 1938 statute are being debated by the Christian denominations in Egypt. While the State Council's deputy chairman said that it contains points that violate the law, others such as Coptic thinker Kamāl Zākhir believes that it will encourage Christians to convert to Islam.
A Christian woman is detained for alleged forged documents noting that they were Christian, a fact that was questioned by a court in relation to their father’s brief conversion to Islam over 30 years ago.


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