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The Giza Criminal Court's terrorism circuit will issue a verdict on April 12 on nine defendants in re-trial procedures, based on a case known to the media as "burning the Church of Kafr Ḥakīm".
Middle East Online Website published an article on August 24 entitled “Egypt’s Morsi scraps preventive detention for publishing crimes” by Dominique Soguel. Below is the original text of the article: Egyptian newspaper editor Islam Afifi was freed after a few hours in custody on Thursday, a...
Giza Criminal Court witnessed a tense trial in the first court session of Islām ‘Afīfi, Editor-in-Chief of the Egyptian al-Dustūr newspaper. ‘Afīfī is accused of offending the Egyptian President in the media and publishing false news that would disturb public order. The court ordered to remand ‘...
 An official judicial source has said that the Public Attorney’s office has concluded its investigation into the killing of 25-year-old Mu’āz Muhammad Ahmād amid the events of the recent ‘shirt fitnah’ in Dahshūr village, Giza governorate.  
73 members of the terrorist organisation known as Muslim Brotherhood have been brought to the Criminal Court in Giza on accusations of “participating in the theft of contents” from the Church of the Virgin and then burning the church.
The Giza Criminal Court has issued its verdict in the Marriot Cell case, in which al- Jazīrah staff members have been accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. 
The Giza criminal court has decided to sentence 12 defendants who were accused of taking part in killing General Nabīl Farāg in Kirdāsah, Giza to death, pending the opinion of the grand muftī. 
A video exhibit of the terror organization Ajnād Misr was presented to the Guīza Criminal Court, capturing an “interview” with one of the militants on the organization, the reason behind using its name Ajnād Misr (Soldiers of Egypt). The face of the interviewer was hidden behind a mask.  
The Cairo Criminal Court will complete the trial of the deposed President Muhammad Morsi and 24 other defendants in an indictment of insulting the judiciary.
Today, Monday, 10 Human Rights organizations petitioned the Government to suspend the death penalty, even if temporarily, on the occasion of the ‘World Day Against the Death Penalty’. The organizations’ petition comes at a time when the country has seen an unprecedented rise in human rights...


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