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Eliana Mallouk is Lebanese and works at the Lebanon office of DanMission, a Christian Danish faith-based organisation working for almost 200 years in the Middle East and North Africa, and also in other regions including Asia and Europe. Our main focus is on dialogue, peace building and also on...
Tomorrow (Monday), The Coptic Evangelical Commission for Social Services will organize a forum for cultural dialogue under the title “Together Against Violence” at the Commission’s headquarters in Arḍ al-Sulṭān in al-Minyā. 
The Coptic Evangelical Commission for Social Services organizes a conference next Monday in the governorate of al-Minyā, titled “Together Against Violence.” 
A statement by the Danish Christian NGO, Danmission, pointing out that the NGO dissociated itself from Jyllens-Posten’s cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad as far back as November 2005, and calling for dialogue, rather than conflict.
AWR participation in conferences and discussions on the Danish cartoons. Articles and reports on the Danish cartoons.
The ongoing process of obtaining NGO status. Dr. Meinardus visits Cairo and recommends writing a book for the understanding of contemporary concepts of martyrdom and persecution in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Dutch businessman Frans Derksen of Fayoum Oases development consulted AWR for advice when...
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