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President Mursī will soon announce a law detailing the role of the armed forces in ensuring security and protecting vital national establishments until the ratification of a Constitution and the end of parliamentary elections, and in all instances when such security is requested by the President.
Pope Tawadros has received Prime Minister Eng. Ibrahīm Mahlab in the papal headquarters in St. Mark’s Cathedral, Abāssiyah, Cairo. He also received a number of ministers that came to congratulate the Pope on the Day of Resurrection (Easter), including General Sidqī Subhī, general commander of the...
Al- Azhar has seconded the decision of Ibrāhim Mahlab, the Prime Minister, suspending the  screening of “Halāwah Ruh” movie starring Hayfā Wahbī and Bāssim Samrā in protection of the Egyptian society and its religious values. 
Copts celebrate the Holy Week, which marks the end of the fasting and the week before Easter, yesterday. The Church invited President 'Adlī Mansūr and Prime Minister Ibrāhīm Mahlab to join, according to the usual protocols. The festivities were organized in coordination with the security forces...
Al- Azhar has delivered the draft law of the ‘Alms House’ to Eng. Ibrhīm Mahlab for presentation to the Council of Ministers (Wā’il Fāyiz, al- Watan, July 9, p. 2).
Petrol Stations received formal notices yesterday evening, to increase gasoline prices of both types 80 and 92 and diesel which was increased according to  decree No. 1160 dated July 3. Eng.
The Government decided yesterday, to increase the fuel prices. The decision entered into force since 10pm yesterday evening. This is in the context of reform steps pursued by the Government of Engineer Ibrahīm Mahlab to reallocate the money in the national budget, where 41 billion pounds will be...
Prime Minister Eng. Ibrahīm Mahlab decided to abolish the Ministry of Information. 
Ambassador Ihāb Badawī, the spokesman for the presidency, stated that the President instructed Prime Minister Eng. Ibrahīm Mahlab to form a ministerial committee, in which the Azhar and the Church shall take part. 
The Egyptian Cabinet approved a draft resolution submitted by the presidency on what concerns the memorandum of understanding with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.
The cabinet is considering drafts to grant an exceptional pension of LE1725 for each of the families of martyrs in the incidents of Maspero, Muhammad Mahmūd street and outside the cabinet office. The cabinet is also discussing a draft decree by the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed...
On June 10, George Is'hāq, one of the co-founder of the major oppositional movement Kefāya (Enough is Enough) during the Mūbārak regime, and member of Egypt's National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), wrote an article in Al-Shurūq Newspaper, strongly condemning the ongoing discrimination practiced...
  The Cabinet, under the chairmanship of Dr. 'Isām Sharaf, postponed the discussions of the unified law for building worship houses until after the Adha feast. Family House, National Justice Committee and the Egyptian Church asked for some amendments to be made to the final draft law.
The Parliament elections will start in the final third of November 2011, it will be done on three levels with two weeks between each level. The Shūrá Council elections will start after the end of People's Assembly's elections and will follow the same system.
علم مندوب الأهرام إن انتخابات مجلس الشعب ستجري في الثلث الأخير من شهر نوفمبر المقبل‏,‏ علي ثلاث مراحل علي أن يكون الفاصل أسبوعين بين كل مرحلة وأخري‏,‏ علي أن تبدأ انتخابات مجلس الشوري عقب انتهاء الشعب بنفس النظام‏.  
Dr. 'Isām Sharaf handed down a mandate calling for the removal of up to 120 officers, including 15 Major Generals, alleged to be responsible for the deaths of demonstrators during the January 25 revolution.
Youssef Sidhom discusses the 37 year long struggle of the Copts of Alexandria to build a church in Maamoura.
In this article, Mustafa Mahmoud speaks about the true meaning of Shari’a [Islamic law], to whom it has been given and on whose shoulders rests the responsibility of applying it. He comments on the attitude of those who exploit Shari’a in their demonstration saying what Khalid Mohammed Khalid said...
After recounting the consequences of publishing the novel "A Banquet for Seaweed", the writers expose their conversation with Sheikh Abu Al-Wafa Agor, the General Secretary of the Islamic Researches complex, in which he give his opinion concerning the events of the "Banquet".
If the situation was not extremely embarrassing I would not have dared to write these lines. The situation is embarrassing for the non-governmental organizations because they have lost confidence in the governmental system.
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