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The Egyptian government still remains silent about developments in the case of Italian researcher Giulio Regeni, after an Italian court setting a session on 14th October to start the trial in the absence of four Egyptian officers accused of kidnapping and torturing Regeni in early 2016.
Egypt was one of the country that joined the Organization Of Islamic Cooperation since its foundation in 1969. In a presidential decree released last December, President `Abd al-Fattāh al-Sisi announced the establishing of a permanent mission representing Egypt in the OIC. The presidential decree...
Egypt's Foreign Ministry slammed a European Parliament report criticizing the country's human rights record and calling for the release of 167 members of the dissolved parliament.
Jibrā'īl says Kamilia's video saved him the effort of engaging in a debate on live television with Abu Yehia who falsely claimed to have legal papers that prove her conversion to Islam. Jibrā'īl added that by spreading such lies Abu Yehia put national unity at stake. Key Words: Najīb Jibrā'īl -...
Mohamed Raafat Othman called the Grand Mufti's comments on the Kamilia Shehata case "contradictory" as the Grand Mufti once said it was permissible for Kamilia to be handed over to the Church, and then later on said it was unacceptable. Islamic Philosophy Professor Amina Nasr added that what...
This article sheds light on the supposed visit of President Mubārak to the White House and the nine demands awaiting him which are set by the Egyptian coalition.
An idea to issue a draft law against insulting religions at the UN
Ambassador ‘Abd al-Ra’ūf al-Rīdī suggests a draft law to prevent insulting religions.


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