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The article highlights the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights during the first quarter of 2009.
Al-Dustūr reports on the joint statement issued by Human Rights Watch and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights on the decree issued by the Ministry of Interior allowing putting a "-" in the religion entry for Bahā’īs.
A dispute in the Upper Egyptian village of al- Tayyibah back in October 2008 has recently come to a positive conclusion with 20 men presenting their shrouds to the family of the victim, the editorial looks into the background of the story and questions why this story has been a success.
Shukrī reports on the recent sectarian incident against Bahā’ī citizens that took place in Upper Egypt.
Last week, after five years of court cases the Supreme Administrative Court allowed Bahā’īs to leave the religion box blank on their official papers.
On March 16 the Supreme Administrative Court passed a ruling allowing Bahā’īs to leave the religion field on their official documents blank. The ruling marks the end of a five year battle on the part of the Bahā’īs but has unfortunately been marred by sectarian events that took place against them a...
Ranā Mamdūh reports about granting the Bahā’īs the right to put a (-) in the religion slot of their identification cards.
Al-Dawakhilī examines one of the most crucial issues in Egypt; Muslim-Christian relations. He sheds light, in his article, on a number of violent and aggressive incidents that have taken place in different governorates of the country especially in al-Minia which reflects a state of prevailing...
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights issued a report to trace the development of religious freedom in Egypt for the last quarter of 2008, the report examined both the negative and positive aspects of the trend.
The author reported on the fourth annual report of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, which monitored 23 violations of religious freedoms in Egypt during April, May and June. The report focused on the areas of violation of court rulings, sectarian tension and violent incidents, security’s...


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