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Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III is often praised, in particular by his own followers, for his ecumenical stances. The reality is, however, somewhat different, as the decisions of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod show. All synod meetings were presided over by Pope Shenouda, a strong and charismatic...
The following article highlights the life of the Reverend Professor John Macquarrie, who passed on May 28, 2007. He has been hailed as a master of Christian theology.
Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation? Answer yes or no   
The article short history and profile of Theodore Hall Partrick who passed away in 2005. He was an American professor and author who played a significant roll in a number of church organizations throughout his life. The author of the article offers particularly strong praise for Partrick’s book...
The author discusses the issue of the ordination of women in various Christian denominations and traditions.
Asmā’ ‘Abd Allāh reports on differing opinions about appointing a woman as head of the Anglican Church of America.
Bishop Mounir expresses sadness and alarm about the confirmation of a gay bishop in the US. “We feel profoundly let down, as this decision will unquestionably damage our interfaith relations with our Muslim friends among whom we live. It will also have a negative impact on our relations with the...
A high-level delegation of American church leaders headed for the Middle East to express solidarity with Christian churches there and to lend their voices to a growing chorus calling for renewed efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in the area.
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