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In brief, the first day showcased the different areas of educational and pedagogical expertise that each institutional partner would contribute throughout the summer school. 
The Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt issued a statement concerning the Deir al-Sultan Monastery [Dayr al-Sulṭān] in which she confirms her good relations with churches of other denominations worldwide. The church further explained the historical background of Dayr al-Sulṭān in Jerusalem, saying: “...
It seems that after President Mursi and his government have failed to resolve the crisis, there is no other solution than to include the Coptic Orthodox Church into the discussion. The connection between the Coptic Orthodox Church and Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church could be the last chance to...
In spite of the strong spiritual ties between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Ethiopian Church, the latter does interfere in the issue of the Nile water crisis between Ethiopia and Egypt, as it believes it is a political, not spiritual, matter.
The article reports on an upcoming visit of Pope Shenouda III to Ethiopia to strengthen the relationship between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.
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