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The European Union was divided over the US-led war in Iraq, but united against Hamās, the former prime minister of The Netherlands, Prof. Andreas Van Agt said yesterday in a lecture at the Cairo International Lions Club.
Highlights of the meeting held at El-Sawy Culture Wheel on May 7, 2006, to launch the CAWU website, including a welcome address by Mr. Muhammad al-Sāwī, comments from former ministers Dr. Mamdouh al- Biltājī, Mr. Ahmed Māhir, Dr. Ahmad Juwaylī, head of the Protestant Community Council Dr. Safwat al...
The author argues that the killings of Christians that took place recently in Egypt and Turkey signal religious intolerance.
A number of Egyptian civil society organizations receive millions of dollars in annual funding from foreign bodies. Many questions arise regarding the state supervision of these NGOs and the role of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in this regard.
The EU is getting ready to launch a dictionary to accurately define Muslim cultural terminology, such as the words jihād, "fundamentalist" and "Islamist" in a bid to assert that there is no religion that compels its followers to commit crimes in its name.
The family of Saad Eddin Ibrahim hopes for the acceptance of the appeal he lodged to stop the implementation of the sentence against him. Ibrahim’s defense explained that one of the reasons for accepting the appeal was the fact that the Cassation Court decided that military decrees have nothing to...
In his message from Brussels, ‘Abd Allāh Mustafa reports on the latest Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly where reports drawn up by the EMPA’s political, economic and cultural committees were approved and debates were held.
A discussion of the recent disturbances in France concerning the law on employment of young people.
The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) chief has said that it is no longer possible to have dialogue between the Muslim world and Europe after the Danish cartoons crisis unless certain measures are adopted.
The article speaks of a landmark bill in Turkey giving its citizens the freedom to register whatever they want in the religion section of their identity cards.


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