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The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) chief has said that it is no longer possible to have dialogue between the Muslim world and Europe after the Danish cartoons crisis unless certain measures are adopted.
The article speaks of a landmark bill in Turkey giving its citizens the freedom to register whatever they want in the religion section of their identity cards.
Dr. Wolfram Reiss discusses the obstacles and opportunities identified by a German project and accompanying international dialogue on the revision of school textbooks in the Middle East, in terms of their treatment of Christianity.
At a meeting of the foreign affairs committee of the Press Syndicate, the Austrian ambassador in Cairo, Kurt Spellinger, discussed Austria’s plans for its presidency of the European Union.
The article reports on a meeting hosted by Qatar and headed by Kofi Annan, the UN secretary-general. At the end of this meeting the participants released a statement urging everyone not to use the right to freedom of expression as a pretext to provoke hostility or offend beliefs.
The former Dutch prime Minister comments on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the political role of the European Union, the situation in Iraq and the theory of the clashes between civilizations. He also expressed his admiration of Egypt.
A paper presented at the annual interfaith dialogue meeting of the Anglican communion and the Permanent Committee of the Azhar al-Sharif for Dialogue with the Monotheistic Religions that prompted criticism from Metropolitan Seraphim for the portrayal of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt.
The General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood escalated his campaign against the West and equals the European Union with the US, which he attacked during the last few weeks. He called for jihad against the US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. He accused both the US and the EU, which he described as the...
The article is an overview of an article published in the Time magazine about Christianity and faith in Europe under the title: ‘Has God died in the hearts of people?”
The author comments on the speech of Mahater Muhammad, Malaysian prime minister, in the latest Islamic summit. Muhammad declared that Jews control the world and that frustrated Muslims should try to learn from them. In view of the Western reactions to such declaration, the author asked: who should...


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