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The article reports on a request made by a Danish member of parliament to prevent Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī from entering EU countries because he has been calling for the boycott of European countries.
The Egyptian press reported on the international reactions to the controversial Dutch movie Fitna.
In the name of Copts’ Voice Organization in Italy, Ashraf Ramlah filed a claim against Egypt with the European Union. In his letter he pointed out Egypt’s violation of human rights and the discrimination against Copts.
The Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali has asked the European Union for money to help protect her while she is in the U.S. after she received death threats because of her outspoken criticism of Islam.
Majdī Khalīl discusses a recent European Parliament resolution about human rights in Egypt, commenting that the official Egyptian response has been too inciting and underlines the idea that there is a conspiracy theory against the country.
As the European Parliament issued its resolution on the human rights situation in Egypt, official bodies in Egypt launched a huge campaign to protest over the decision and said it is an internal affair and that interference is unacceptable. The author, however, says that the human rights issue is...
Fahmī Huwaydī, the author, says the Egyptian record of human rights violations is too bad to be defended, affirming that reports of human rights groups in Egypt are based on true stories of victims.
The author discusses a number of recent incidents that have indicated that while freedom of expression is a right guaranteed in Europe, it should not be an unbridled right when this freedom infringes on the rights of others.
The article discusses a recent proposal by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to establish a Mediterranean Union. Sidhom considers how successful this initiative could be, and how history has shaped democracy throughout the Mediterranean.
The author suggests that the hope of the majority of human rights organizations in Egypt is to receive foreign funding. He reveals new projects in the name of human rights and citizenship being drafted Egyptian human rights organizations and international institutions.


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