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The author suggests that the hope of the majority of human rights organizations in Egypt is to receive foreign funding. He reveals new projects in the name of human rights and citizenship being drafted Egyptian human rights organizations and international institutions.
Many of the experienced human rights activists have turned into foreign funding brokers provided that fund seekers observe total secrecy and blind obedience. Brokers might as well pass the recipe secret to some company owner, which paves the way for the emergence of more brokers.
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders have replied to the attempts of the US Embassy in Cairo and later the European Union (EU) to start launching a dialogue with the group, which has been approved on condition that this takes place via the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Basilica of Saint Peter has recently seen the inauguration of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI, the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and sovereign of Vatican City 16 days after the funeral of Pope John Paul II.
The referendum for the constitution of EU countries raises the question concerning the situation of European Muslims with regards to the constitution and the Union.
The author discusses the situation of Muslims in Turkey, and the increasing levels of restrictions being imposed upon them.
The article criticizes a trend of Coptic Orthodox Churches and monasteries that have engaged in trading projects and have left their real spiritual role.
The Center for Arab-West Understanding presents its annual report for 2006, highlighting the objectives achieved and the goals for the upcoming year. 2006 was landmarked by growing toward the Center for Arab-West Understanding, and laying the basis for an electronic documentation center.
The Cairo Criminal Court has recently acquitted the 10 defendants who had faced charges of fraudulence and receiving bribes along with Saad Eddin Ibrahim, the director of the embattled Ibn Khaldoun Center where they used to work.
Issues related to anti-Semitism are discussed in four of the papers of this week. Most articles question the connection established between criticizing Israel and anti- Semitism. See also art. 2 and 3


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