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Judiciary independence and national pride are dominating the Egyptian reactions to the US threat to cut aid to Egypt on protest to the seven-year imprisonment sentence given to Saad Eddin Ibrahim. Ibrahim’s American wife says that the crisis will be solved in Egypt without American pressure.
The Supreme State Security Court sentenced Saad Eddin Ibrahim to seven years in jail on the charge of receiving donations from the European Union without having a legal permission. Ibrahim expressed his surprise at the fact that the court gave its ruling in a very short time and said the...
More than 10,000 Muslims and Christians attended the ?National Conference to Support the Palestinians? that was held in the St. Mark Cathedral upon the call of Pope Shenouda. The conference was an expression of Egyptians? objection to the Israeli practices against the Palestinians. Pope Shenouda...
Saad Eddin Ibrahim filed an appeal against the seven-year prison sentence he was given in the case against the Ibn Khaldoun Center. The appeal argued that the court had made mistakes in procedures and other matters related to the subject of the case.
The author explains his viewpoint on the Arab-West relationship in light of the Vatican pope’s visit to Turkey.
The writer talks about the political role of Islamic groups in the Arab Muslim world in an attempt to answer the question: Is Arab democracy possible without Islamists?
Despite the public outrage against the statements of Minister of Culture Fārūq Husnī on the H...
The author discusses the pope’s recent visit to Turkey, and emphasizes the intellectual battle raging between the West and the religious ideology of today, both in the Vatican and in militant Islam.
During his visit to Turkey, which witnessed tension, the Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI praised Turkey’s recent policy changes toward minorities, saying that this was enough to allow Turkey’s entrance in the EU.
In this article, the author discusses Pope Benedict’s visit to Turkey, highlighting its main political implications and problem’s surrounding Turkey’s membership in the EU.


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