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On the verge of a new year and a unity among Christian denominations sought by the ordinary people as much as church leaderships, Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawāḍrūs has laid a new cornerstone for unity among Christian denominations by having a group of children accompanying him during his congratulatory...
‘Abīr ‘Aṭīyah presents the opinions of Copts on the idea that the Coptic Orthodox patriarch can be married.
A film featuring the life of Mother Īrīnī is expected to cause a crisis between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Protestants as it discusses debatable issues from an Orthodox perspective.
al-Jawhar is the publication issued by Max Michel, who assigned himself head of a new Orthodox denomination; namely Saint Athanasius Church. The eighth page of the publication indicated articles by pastors of the Evangelical Church who seem to have friendly relations with Michel.
The author discusses the history of Egypt’s Protestant community with the aim of furthering knowledge and understanding.
The Baptist Church is facing difficulties in obtaining authorization to establish houses of worship. The author attributes the difficulties to its split from the Community Council of the Evangelical Church, the only Protestant body recognized by the Egyptian government, and to its suspicious...
For the first time in Egypt, the Synod of the Presbyterian Church ordains a female presbyter. While figures from the Evangelical Church approve the ordination, Father Basīt of the Coptic Orthodox Church says that women in the Orthodox Church perform the same function but without the official...
‘Amr Bayyūmī reports on the statements of leaders of the Evangelical denomination in Egypt regarding their future plans to appoint females to the post of pastors.
Despite the fact that the Evangelical community has the lion’s share in democracy when compared to other Christian communities in Egypt, the signs of divisions and differences recently began to show among synods and the Evangelical community.
The Synod of al-Ni‘mah churches has witnessed an internal conflict, which has been ongoing for a few years, over the chair of the Synod’s presidency.


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