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A pastor in the Evangelical Church has built a Web site in which he discusses the Evangelical Church and points out its problems in a sarcastic manner. The Web site also contains theological, Biblical, and doctrinal studies and sermons.
The writer criticizes what is happing on satellites channels and those who broadcast unreasonable religious opinions that mislead the youth.
Bibāwī denied converting to Judaism or to a different denomination and asserted that he will not reconsider his opinions, apologize or ask for forgiveness from Pope Shenouda.
Michael ‘Ādil ‘Ajāyibī highlights the equal status of men and women in Christianity.
Subtitle:- Shubra only has 15 groups.- They consider music and statues a sin and writers and thinkers the soldiers of the devil.- Members are young people primarily from the poor classes.- Secret meetings for the members and strange rituals for new members- They say that the men of the church...
The recent decision of the People’s Assembly to ban ‘The Da Vinci Code’ has provoked considerable controversy amongst Egyptian intellectuals, dividing opinions between those who defended the movie on grounds of freedom of expression and those who condemned it as blasphemous and misleading.
Asmā’ ‘Abd Allāh reports on differing opinions about appointing a woman as head of the Anglican Church of America.
Student at the Evangelical Faculty of Theology, Michael ‘Ādil ‘Ajāybī, sends a message entitled “Why fanaticism?” to Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, complaining about the refusal of the Coptic Orthodox Church to allow the celebration of the International Day of Prayer to take place at the...
Former archbishop of Canterbury and the current honorary president of the Episcopal Theological College in Egypt [Reviewer: Formally known as the Alexandria School of Theology], Lord George Carey, recently gave a lecture entitled “Fostering dialogue: The future of Muslim-Christian relations”...
Diana al-Dab‘ discusses the issue of healing miracles through Christian satellite channels, a major phenomenon which has prompted statements from prominent religious figures in Egypt.


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