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Egypt has been elected with a majority-vote from 2017-20210 on the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) conference held on Thursday, a foreign ministry statement said.
Dr. Salāh Salām, a member of the National Council for Human Rights, said that Britain's inclusion of Egypt as a “country of concern” in its assessment of human rights is expected; pointing out that the current situation is not satisfactory to the Egyptians. 
The head of the Committee on Civil and Political Rights at the National Council for Human Rights, George Isḥāq, declined to comment on the British Foreign Office statement on the human rights situation in Egypt.
On his way back from a short visit to the U.K., Pope Shenouda was improperly asked to undergo a body search and a security screening at London’s Heathrow Airport. The procedure prompted the Egyptian ambassador in London to submit a complaint to the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the...
The Egyptian Shūrá Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed their discontentment with British officers’ way of dealing with Pope Shenouda III at Heathrow Airport and announced that Egypt will treat British diplomats in its airports in the same way. Dr. Abū al-Ghayt, Egypt’s minister of...
Muslims are outraged after senior Muslim scholar Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī has been refused a visa to enter the U.K. for treatment.
The recent Copenhagen conference, organized by Muslim preacher, ‘Amr Khālid, has come under severe criticism from many clerics in the Arab and Muslim world. Accusations of receiving foreign funds and breaking the momentum of the Muslim nation’s awakening for the sake of Denmark followed.
The author argues that an official memo, dated January 17, 2006, sent by member of the Arab/Israel and North Africa Group, Julie McGregor to the British Middle East Minister, Kim Howells, on a proposed British engagement with the Muslim Brotherhood, has been "purposely leaked" to the press.
The authors said that the British Foreign Office has declined to comment on a leaked report about alleged contacts between British officials and Egyptian members of parliament belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has denied these allegations.
A book of condolence put in display in Birmingham Mosque was stolen. The book was put in display for prayers to convey their condolences to the family of Kenneth Bigley, 62, the British hostage detained for 3 weeks in Iraq before being beheaded by Abu Musaab Al Zarqawi’s group.


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